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Tight Site For Big Entertaining

GOALS: More entertaining space for a pizza oven and BBQ, keep steep rockery stable, use clients art collections, make it beautiful--and a little 'bohemian'.

The clients love to entertain groups but had virtually no space for guests. The narrow (15’ from house to slope) front area slopped off quickly. They love cooking and entertaining and wanted an outdoor area to include a pizza oven, a BBQ, & seating for 8+. She is an avid collector and has an extensive collection of outdoor glass art and special ceramic figurines from her hometown. It was requested that these items be worked into the design along with colorful plantings and a vegetable garden, Between the home and the neighbor’s home is a 10’ shady area they wanted for quiet seating. The lot is small and narrow with a cliff in the front--what a challenge!

Tight Site But  Big Entertaining