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Secret Urban Garden

Design Challenge: This very small urban site needed privacy from three close neighbors for quiet relaxation and entertaining. The fences are covered with vines and shrubs giving the area a green room feeling.

Three 'outdoor rooms' and paths present a variety of seating and strolling options. A variety of humorous, affordable art pieces are tucked throughout the garden waiting to be discovered. Bright color is splashed through the many green textured plants. Large-leaved dramatic plants mix with finely textured ones. The many evergreen plants and the colorful garden art are interesting even in winter.

The connection between the kitchen and garden was enhanced by redesigning the back stairs and adding hidden utility storage and additional seating over it. Garden storage was carved out of unused space under the house.

The lighted pavilion with an L-shaped sofa is visually private and enjoyable even in winter with heating. Two small tiered fountains muffle the ever-present urban noise. Furniture was chosen to be comfortable and easy-care.

Secret Urban Garden