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Community Service Public Garden

The top of the hill Queen Anne commercial area had become shabby and unattractive by 2005. Kat started a volunteer group eventually named 'Picture Perfect Queen Anne' to help make the avenue more welcoming. This group applied for and received a grant to commission urban planners, Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership, to work with the community to re envision the commercial area. The resulting 2007 document is called 'Queen Anne Avenue Streetscape Master Plan' which has been used by the city as a model for neighborhood development. Following the Master Plan the city reworked several of the intersections making them safer but in need of landscaping. Queen Anne is Land2c Landscape Architecture's neighborhood. We volunteered to provide the initial landscape designs for the 3 involved intersections. Land2c continues to provide landscape updates when needed. PPQA still actively promotes the Master Plan vision as the neighborhood grows and changes.

Community Service Public Gardens